"If you are ready to invest in the high-price segment, with this dashboard you will get offered a solid piece of hardware in a metal housing, a contemporary display with a decent resolution and extremely bright LEDs."


Racing of the highest quality

With our former brand SimRacingTec, we have been developing dashboards in this format for two years as a pioneer in the industry. We stand for perfection “Made in Germany” and have collected all of your feedback and incorporated it into our new product. With all this experience and your help, we have developed the most realistic and compact dashboard on the market.

A little closer to reality

Ourexperience is also reflected in the realistic display overlays and LED configurations. Authentic replicas that automatically adapt to your selected vehicle. So you can easily switch between your simulations and favorite vehicles and the dashboard simply adjusts automatically to experience the perfect immersion of the vehicle dashboard. Since a high level of customer satisfaction is very important to us, we make sure to always stay up to date and offer regular updates for the display overlays in order to include new vehicles and simulations in the future.

Dashboard functions

-that's why you need it-

Official SimHub integration

Automatic vehicle detection

Authentic replica

Original display size

Regular software updates

Fast support

Shipping through the online shop of your choice


frequently asked Questions

Are there instructions? Where can I find these?


Yes, of course there are instructions. You can find these under the Downloads tab.

Are there preset effects and themes?


Yes, our devices are natively supported by SimHub. There are also intelligent presets that automatically adapt to your vehicle and game. You can find everything else in the instructions .

Are the devices compatible with the PC?


Yes, the devices are compatible with Windows PCs and laptops. Unfortunately, MacOS is not compatible!

Further questions?


Here you come to the support page